Pre-Production Planning - MDB Photography & Cinematography

Pre-Production Planning

Below is a list of needs and arrangements to be made prior to the photography of your Commercial/ Residential Property project. Each item is important and will make a significant difference, in the end result of the photographs. The cooperation on the part of the property owner/ manager, is paramount in the success of each image.


* Is there a place we can unload/ load our equipment? 

* Where should we park during the photo shoot?


* Is a key card required for access or is there a door that can remain unlocked?


* Is there a maintenance person available to assist with unforeseen issues?


* Sometimes we need to raise our camera for higher perspective on a shot. If ladders and/ or lifts are available for use, who do we contact for access?

* If a lift is available, is a safety harness also available: or if we need to bring our own?


* Can the photographer control lighting inside/ outside of areas to be photographed?

* If not, who should we contact for lighting adjustments (on/off/dim), during daytime and night shoots?

* Are any of the lights on timers?

* If yes, how do we turn them back on after hours?

* If bulbs are missing/ burnt out,are replacements available? Who do we contact? Will a ladder be required/ available?


* Are any of the blinds mechanical?

* If yes, how do we control them/ who do we contact for adjustments?

* Are folding doors/ partitions able to be opened/ closed?

* If yes, how do we control them/ who do we contact for adjustments?


* Do we have permission or assistance in controlling traffic if needed?

* Is someone available to help (eg: maintenance, security, valet)? If so, please provide contact info.

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